One of our top designers at The Yes Company is a skilled home chef, and as a designer and inventor, he is obsessed with efficiency and great design. He started to see smaller issues, like not being able to find the gadget he needed while cooking or having to buy and store more things to get the job done. 


Then he learned about the bigger problems: How many germs can live on a cutting board and on knives and the risk of cross-contamination when cutting raw meat.

When sharing his story, our team went into overdrive to find a solution. If he was having these problems, there was no doubt in our minds that other home cooks were experiencing the same.

So, we set out to solve every single problem he presented us with and more. 


In addition to solving common kitchen issues, we at The Yes Company decided to take it even further and create a smart kitchen appliance out of natural, organic materials - good for you, good for the planet, beautiful design.


With a first of its kind bamboo-skin LED, we created a way to insert an LED backlight into bamboo without marring the gorgeous natural bamboo coloring so it blends right into the board until you’re ready to use it.


We wanted to design a smart, creative, useful product to make cooking a delicious homecooked meal easier and more efficient, all while saving you time, money, and hassle. The key thing for us in the design process was to make something that was useful and had all the features you need while including the electronic components to give you efficiency and smart capabilities. 


We love how the ChopBox came out and can’t wait for you to try it!

Now you won’t have to buy and store a bunch of small gadgets, you can have one beautiful piece that has everything you need.